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My name is Ardi Kurniawan. My nick name is Ardi. I come from Padang, West Sumatera.   I decided to be a police officer because I want to give my best to this country through Indonesian national police. In fact, no country in the world can run and develop well without police institution, so do Indonesia. The police has the important role in stabilizing and keeping the safety and comfort circumstance. In another side, not all Indonesian people support INP, Some of them are not satisfied because of the arrogance and power abusing of some INP officers. In this context, I would like to contribute in realizing the INP work professionals, humanists, supported and loved by society.

In 2001, I graduated Taruna Nusantara Senior High School, within Magelang, in Central Java and then in 2002 I joined Police Academy for three and a half years. In Police Academy I learned about law and operational procedure of police management. Beside that there were some extracurricular that I joined, such as joining drum corp “cendrawasih” and joining with football team.

In December 2005, I graduated from police academy. Then, because I got the best ten, I was assigned in West Java Regional Police. And my first post is as chief of public service center 3 in Bandung District Police. The responsibility of my job is receiving the public report about crime, arriving and securing crime scene, coordinating with crime investigator and then reporting all that I have done to chief of operational division and chief of Bandung District police. In running that service I worked with three personnel. I worked for four months. The most interesting experience was when we chased the murder case. Many people was interested to enter the crime scene. My responsibilities are to secure the crime scene and to ensure the crime scene in status quo until the investigator came, and in the end the murder case was revealed.

After that first assignment, then I posted as chief of crime investigation sub unit 5 in Bandung District Police. My duties were to investigate the conventional crime and arrested the suspect and my routine activities such as collecting the crime information with my personnel and analyzing the information.  Then, I reported all that I have done to chief of crime investigation unit 2. In my 9 months, there were many cases that I had investigated, such as murder, burglary, robbery, kidnap and etc. one of the most unforgettable experiences that I can’t forget is when I chased the murder case. The victim was Japanese. From the first analyzing when we came to the crime scene. We alleged her security man was the suspect whom he was disappeared and nobody knew where he went. After collected information from another witnesses, we moved to pursue the alleged man. As we knew that his mother home was within  Kebumen, in Central Java, my team and I went to his home. We found nothing when we arrived at his mother house. And his mother, father, sisters and brothers did not know where he was. After 3 days there, we decide to move back to Bandung Central Java. Actually it was our strategy, we pretended to leave Kebumen, in fact, we were still around there and we were watching them. We under covered there about 15 days, and on the sixteenth day the alleged man came to his house. We examined him and finally he told that he was the killer, and then we brought him to the jail to responsible his act. After that position, I got promotion as chief of crime investigation unit 3 in Central Bandung Resort Police for 13 months and then as chief of crime investigation unit in Coblong sector police for 8 months. Btw at the same time, I also graduated faculty of law in Lang Lang Buana University, Bandung West Java.

My last post before joining PTIK was as chief cadet platoon in Police Academy. I proud to be there because the men that posted as chief of cadet platoon were the best 20 of each batch in Police Academy. After three months conducted my duty, I was assigned to work as administration and security officer in Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement and Cooperation (JCLEC). JCLEC is located within Police Academy in Semarang. JCLEC that jointly operated by Indonesian National Police (INP) and Australian Federal Police (AFP) is intended as a resource for the southeast Asia Region in fight against  transnational crime with a focus on counter terrorism, coordinate and facilitate a range of training, including seminar and workshop for law enforcement agency. As administration and security officer, I responsible to conduct administration, coordinate with other law enforcement institutions, and ensure the security of circumstance. And then I reported that all I have done to director administration of JCLEC, he is Indonesian whose rank senior super intendant. With my 5 members, I conducted my duty for 16 months. There were so many interesting experiences along this assignment as it was the first time for me to work with foreigners. Actually, there some countries not only in southeast Asia that placed their representative in JCLEC. They are United Kingdom, Canadian, Germany and European Commission. In our professionalism, we can share our experiences, cultures and arts.

On November 20th 2010, I joined Indonesian Higher Education (PTIK), after had passed a range of test. Of course, I am proud to be one of the STIK students, because not all Indonesian police academy graduated can joined PTIK at the first chance.

As we know INP had been running some program of increasing their performance in serving and protecting people. They are reforming the structure set, infrastructure set and culture set. INP had been reforming structure and infrastructure set so well, but not in reforming culture set. And one of the best ways to reform the culture set is through Education Department of INP.

In the same way, PTIK provide education to be a higher education that can be proud, reliable and be the center of police assessments and the development of police science and technology, in order to produce many professional and immoral INP Police officer that capable in developing and applying science and technology in the police duties to maintenance security and public order, law enforcement, and protect and serve the public.

Through PTIK, I try to study hard and open my mind to realize the vision of STIK in supporting The INP reformation. And of course, I would not do alone, I will invite all of colleagues to aware and learn together seriously, to build capacity, in addition, of course, to increase faith to the God Almighty, so that after graduating STIK, we will be agents of change in protecting and maintaining the INP reform.

In the end, when we become principal officer or leaders INP have authority, we will run some policies that are decided in a democratic manner, so that the vision of INP for become a professional institution, humanist, civilized, trusted and loved by the public come true.

That’s all

Best regard,

Ardi Kurniawan


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2 responses to “A JOURNEY TO “PTIK”

  1. Rishinsa

    September 3, 2011 at 4:49 am

    nice article..
    let’s do the best for this beloved country…


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